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New ADSB Box for Skyview announced at Oshkosh!


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Fresh back from my trip to Oshkosh... While there Dynon introduced a new ADSB module for Skyview! The SV-ADSB-470 Module (list price $995, dealers say "lower") will add ADSB Weather, TFR's and Traffic to your existing Skyview system! Box can be mounted anywhere, will require an ADSB external antenna be mounted and a few cables be run to interface to your existing Skyview system. All information will overlay the existing Dynon screens and will combine with the other features (TIS and ADSB traffic will be displayed as an example). I just love this company! Product prices are reasonable, all software and map updates are FREE! See attached spec sheet, sorry its black and white couldn't figure out why my all in one is not scanning in color! Module will be available soon!



Scan 122110002.pdf

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The references you cite are good and should be closely read by everyone thinking about this attractive feature.


The $1000 box will give you ADS-B-IN weather on 978Mzh, the UAT frequency. My understanding is, you don't need anything else to get ADS-B-IN weather which is broadcast from ground stations. So, you need to be near a ground station, which I understand will be CONUS wide by 2013 or 2014 at the latest.


From the Dynon release:


"This ADS-B system requires the aircraft to be ADS-B OUT equipped before traffic information is provided, and Dynon's Transponder is fully DO-260B/ADS-B-out certified."


The ADS-B certification cited is for the 1090Mhz Extended Squitter transponder. SV-XPNDR-261 Mode-S Class 1 Transponder (high performance aircraft & US) $2,200


Further from Dynon:


"Nearby traffic threats will generate an audio alert so that the pilot does not constantly need to look at the screen to be aware nearby aircraft."


The Dynon second source cited says that this feature is only applicable on your UAT receiver for airplanes with a UAT transmitter (978Mzh - not the 1090ES that Dynon sells). A Dynon engineer said there were about 100 aircraft in the U.S. with a UAT transmitter. All planes that fly above 18,000 feet or travel to other countries MUST have a 1090ES transponder, so the UAT standard doesn't sound to me like it has much traction.


Any information transmitted by the ground station, no matter what the aircraft source, is available to you, if you are content to get traffic information that originates at the ground station.




Weather for $1000


Add ground based traffic for another $2200


Get UAT airplane sourced traffic for no extra money.


I don't know what it takes to get TFRs.


The transponder needs a GPS location source to give it the info to transmit. My understanding is that any GPS is acceptable now, but when the new standard goes into effect in 2020, an IFR certified GPS will be required.


This is a confusing topic and I am subject to correction on this - I'm trying to learn, too.

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I found the following site helpful in understanding the situation with respect to traffic reception when you only have ADS-B In...




Weather (radar graphics, winds aloft, METARs, TAFs, etc.), TFRs, NOTAMs, etc., are all receivable by a UAT receiver. Traffic is, too, but what gets transmitted by the ground station is severely limited as described on the above page. You really need ADS-B Out to have a good traffic solution.



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As of mid to late last year, all new CTLS's with Skyview come with the SV-XPNDR-261 Mode-S Class 1 Transponder (see pic of my bird, "look Mom, no Garmin Transponder"). I suspect Flight Design will add the new box as an "option" once available. The good news on Dynon gear is dealers offer decent "package pricing" when you buy a complete system (CTSW's are now able to upgrade to Skyview via FD fleet LOA).


One other thing to keep in mind... The cost of the new gear can be partially offset by the sale of your old gear. If you have a Garmin GTX 327 or 330 you can recover a good chunk of the cost of that SV-XPNDR-261. You can also sell the old EFIS and EMS to help offset the Skyview. I have had very good luck selling removed avionics on ebay to offset costs on new toys!


It is rather amazing when you think of how far GA cockpit technology has come in under 10 years. I'm sure we will all be learning about ADSB as the next few years roll by. Dynon will incorporate com into Skyview in the next few years. Pretty soon only the 2, 10" screens will be required.


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