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Cruising for Breakfast in AZ

Roger Lee

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Hi Al,


I'm looking forward to any number that doesn't have an emergency landing in it.laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif


Hi Duane,


We have 6 CT's on the field. 4 of us fly formation all the time. We take off in twos and add a little more spacing (200-400 yds) when en route to a destination so you don't just have to watch the next guys wings. We fly out of all towered airports in formation as a flight and into them. That just makes the lead do all the talking to towers. Towers love it because it's one radio transmission verses 4-6.


The pictures above was at the Copper State Fly-In.

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Ohhhh man. Now Roger's a "Master Star Fighter"! Wow. I think you've now got more titles than the North Korean dictator has!:lol:


Hey Roger. One question about coming in with multiple aircraft as one flight. Doesn't this cut down the # of take offs and landings that the tower can log in? Our tower guys appreciate any help we can give them for their take off and landing count. If I'm going by a towered Charlie or Delta airport, I'll just drop in and do a touch and go. FAA's watching for any chance they can get to take away airport services.

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