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Gates Barricade Fuel Line Hose

Roger Lee

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For those of you that are interested here is some follow up on hose purchase for the hose change.

You can buy Gates Barricade Fuel Line from Amazon.com and other vendors as well, but Amazon seems to be the least expensive. This fuel line would be a step up from the regular fuel line found in many cars and other fuel applications and specifically made for the more aggressive fuels of today. This is a multi-lined hose and for the most part not vapor permeable as regular fuel hose is. If you choose to buy it get the "not for fuel injection" hose. The fuel injection hose doesn't go over our fittings (it has no give) unless you yell at it a lot and by the time your done you'll need a straight jacket.laugh.gif It will also cause mechanical damage to the hose end.

They have 1/4" and 5/16". You'll need about 8' of 1/4" and about 15' of 5/16".






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I have been working on the 17MM coolant hose, I know where it comes from and who makes it, but the company has been lacking in return phone calls. Looks like it's time to go over someones head.


I found it as well, but someone has it locked up. I can't buy it even if I wanted a mile of it. If there is one guy who can get it, it will be you Roger. Keep digging, you'll get it.

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Reading about heater hose, I came across this product from Gates that says this hose can stretch up to 4mm to fit a bigger fitting.

Further, I see RotorClip, the constant tension clamp people, actually recommends a interference fit of hose to fitting of 5-10% (example 16mm hose + 1.6mm(10%) = 17.6mm fitting)


Question... Has anyone used a 16mm (5/8") hose stretched over our 17+mm fittings? Could this be considered mechanics discretion if it's OK with the hose mfg?




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