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Anyone with a CTSW have a Gramin 795/796 mounted?


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Here are two photos (before and after) of my old CTSW that I upgraded from a Garmin 496 to 696 in an airgizmo. While not a 796, the concept is the same. Flight design approved the install, my avionics guy built a new front panel out of aluminum to give structural strength (the panels in a CT look like aluminum but they are not, they are a composite board with aluminum looking veneer on top). The 696 (or 796) along with a radio and transponder take up most of the space leaving little meat to hold it all together (thus the use of aluminum). I sold my CTSW and got a new CTLS. New bird has a 796 but the Skyview mushroom is bigger and there is no separate garmin transponder so the install is entirely different.



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I started thinking about it and decided you were right and i found a guy about an hour north of here that said he would do it. YES is will fit but only by a hair!


FD said there is not a loa approval for this change.

Since im Experimental that makes me no difference.

He also added that he didnt think it would fit.


Thank you for asking Juan and who knows i may still need him.


Adam thank you for posting the picture, the 795/796 is about 1/4 of an inch taller and as you can see from your picture that last quarter inch is a killer.


Thank you both



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