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King Sport Pilot Instructor checkride

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I just watched a King Checkride Course video for Sport Pilot Instrutor. John King actually does a preflight on a CTSW. I have owned mine for 1 1/2 years and I wished I had seen this video that long ago. Simply outstanding preflight,(compatrf to what I have been doing),with closeup picture of brakes, nuts and bolts, trim springs inside the baggage compartment and how they move the alleron, and the window under the gas tank.


Maybe everyone but me knows this stuff already, or has seen it done by an expert, but I've learned lots today just watching the video. For instance, he uses a wooden dowel stick to check the gas level (rather than trying to read the gas off the metal gage when it's 100 degrees). I will use that from now on. He was also tapping the leading edge of the wing to listen for structural integrity on composites (outstanding)! Some of us should do a preflight video for use on the internet.

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