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New Rotax 912 i Series (fuel injected) engine manuals

Roger Lee

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The new Rotax 912i Series (fuel injected) engine manuals are out. don't look to see an new 912i engine out in the field too soon. Kodiak only got 5.

2 to the Icon5 guys, 1 to Lockwood, one still at Kodiak and one somewhere else. (Okay I forgot that oneunsure.gif). There is no support out in the field yet . They are too expensive to retro fit and you would have to re-work a planes entire front end. I believe CT is ordering them in new planes, but I don't have confirmation.


Here are the links for the manuals.









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All I know is FD has agreed to ship a CTLSi directly to us is Hawaii. The direct shipment is scheduled to arrive about November 1st, in the islands. I am not sure why but it seems they sometimes slide back on the deliverly dates. Not sure but Dynon just now is shipping the emgine monitor module for the i engine, and that might be a reason for a delay in our aircraft.


The good news is if you and/or others look us up, we will, for the first time, have a Flight Design to take on the circle island tour.


Aircraft will be based at PHJR.


I still plan to make Page this year.




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Hi Kurt,


No the 912i engine will not fit and it would be very expensive to try and do a retro fit. I don't think you will see any of these engine's going on existing planes. It will take a complete re-do of the entire front end and cowl for most planes. The only ones I can see a difference in would be an open air engine like on some of the Ultralight's or Trikes. FD is starting to put them on the new CT's coming into the US. The problem is there is absolutely no support for the maint. of these engines yet.

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