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Flight Design Joins GAMA


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Flight Design has just joined a very exclusive club, GAMA- General Aviation Manufacturers Association. This is very good news for FD, as it legitimizes the company in the eyes of the industry. GAMA now has only 78 members worldwide. Names like Boeing, Bell, Cessna, Gulfstream, Hawker, Mooney, Pilatus, Piper and Piaggio. You would NEVER see a LSA manufacturer on this list, until now.

My Brother attended several GAMA meetings, where they discussed whether LSA manufacturers were going to be considered for membership... the answer was an emphatic "NO, Never".

Things have changed. More than likely, FD has been invited into the exclusive club because of its development of the new C4. But since it hasn't even flown yet, one would guess that FD's lead in the LSA market, and their involvement with EASA has helped elevate them in the eyes of the industry.

Here are some links, with more info.

AviationPros news GAMA Press Release Flight Design announcement


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