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I have both, plus Naviator & SkyCharts Pro, and have done the 30 day trial for Garmin Pilot and Avilution.

They all have their pluses/minuses, and are mind-blowing products. The Best thing to do is load up each one and play (they all have free trials). Do yourself a favor and watch some tutorial videos, from the developer or on YouTube. That may be the only training you'll ever need.

I'm pretty sure FF leads the numbers, but WingX has been adding features ahead of the crowd. Garmin Pilot is the dark horse, but moving up. FF is $75, WingX $99 (but $66 if you buy 3 yrs), and Garmin is on special for $49 (limited time deal).

WingX has track-up or North-up, terrain, split screen, and syn viz. Foreflight is a polished company with good tech support.

Check this out... possibly weighted towards FF, but check comments at bottom.


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