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Operating Limitations

Philip Welsch

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Ok, so how does FAA issued CTLS Operating Limitation number 6 "Any change, alteration, or repair not in accordance with the manufacturer's instruction and approval will render the airworthiness certificate invalid" relate to the legal opinion generated by FAA (correspondence to C. Carpenter dated 2/27/12) and other correspondence? Specifically, if hoses are not changed at five years, or engine overhauled at 15 years or non Rotax Certified mechanics not employed or anything else presented in the Rotax Maintenance Manuals not complied with will the Special Airworthiness Certificate become invalid as the Limitation states that it will. Did FAA address this when they indicated only maintenance and training requirements found in 14 CFR Section 43 were law and would apply to SLSA aircraft regardless of what the aircraft manufacturer mandated?


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