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Another pretty cool little Light Sport video...


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A few months ago, we offered to help out a pair of motorcyclists, one of whom had a mechanical issue.


The conversation led us to a common interest we had with one of them - flying.


In any case, we exchanged cards. This time, it actually paid off.


The fellow vacations in Tellico Plains, TN. He flies powered parachutes from there*. He informed me the airstrip there was public, though it does not show on sectionals or in databases.


In any case, I flew up one day to fly with him in the Sky Arrow. We flew to Copperhill, TN, did a touch and go, and returned.


He just emailed me this, which I thought was pretty well done:





*here's a video of the powered parachute experience:


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Cool vids!


BTW, those are powered paragliders, not powered parachutes. Powered paragliders are ultralights and fall under part 103. Powered parachutes are much heavier and fall under LSA rules.


A decent article describing the differences: http://www.litetouchfilms.com/articles/article3_ppg_or_ppc.htm



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