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Who Is What?

Jim Meade

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I have a failing of liking to know who I'm dealing with. Names, credentials, experience, etc.


We have a number of organizations that advertise themselves as being Rotax authorized or approved. What does that mean to me? Who are they? Who's on first?


Rotax-Owners.com says


"Rotax-Owner.com is a Factory Authorized web based support system which allows our registered members a common access point for locating key Information - Education - Support for their Rotax Aircraft Engines."


Who are the people behind this? It is registered in a lawyer's office in British Columbia. What does it mean that they say they are Factory Authorized? What does it take to be Factory Authorized? Who are the authors of their publications and videos? What experience do those individuals have?




Rotax Airacraft Engines appears to be a Rotax BRP site. It's where I look for Rotax publications.


Then there is the BRP-Rotax Austrian site which seems like a general site with no specific help to the mechanic.


The Rotax Flying and Safety Club which says, "We are the only approved independent Rotax Maintenance Technician (iRMT) training organization for the United States, Central and South Americas. " Is the key word there "independent"? The training locations includes all the operations we are used to seeing, such as Lockwood, LEAF, Rainbow Aviation, etc. What is their role in the mix?


Which of these sites do I need to pay attention to? If there is conflict, which is authoritative for warranty work? Do any of these sites have some information that we are required to know that is not available on the official sites?


What are the names of the people behind these sites?

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That is all a bit murky come to think of it. I can only answer one of these questions. The only Rotax related information you legally NEED to to pay attention to is the Rotax 912ULS operators manual since that is what is referred to in the POH and the Rotax maintenance manual referenced in the CTSW maintenance manual. Those would be from the company site ROTAX BRP. If there is any other critical info, then FD is supposed make it apparent via a service directive.

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It is only a problem if you find conflicting information from the different sites.



"Factory Approved" seems pretty clear.


As does "Independent"



Will "approval" from a web discussion group give you any more confidence?


And, who really is this safety officer who looks like a dog?????


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Another avenue for relevant links (especially if you are in the U.S.) is to go to rainbowaviation.com and click on "special links." Also on the home page are some e-mails from the FAA having to do wth manufacturer's ability to mandate replacements outside of FAA rules. I don't remember which button it is but it looks different than the rest. (I should throw in here, for those of you who don't know that Carol Carpenter is a member of the rule making group for LSA.)

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\\\gotta pay attention to the big dogs!


btw, thanks for this site to bring it all together.

How else would we know about Rotaxowner.com, Rotax Engines BRP, AND The Rotax Flying and Safety Club!

almost as amazing as our little airplanes.

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