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Fuselage fuel hose change tips


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Hi All,


Here are a few maint tips and pictures for changing the short 6" piece of rubber fuel hose up by the sight tubes.


Pull the wings out about 15" to give yourself some room. Measure from the outside edge of the fuel sight tube hole back 60mm and then up from the door hinge 42mm. This should put you right on top of the rubber fuel hose clamp. You must drill a hole in the fuselage to access the clamp. Use a 3/4" (22mm) hole saw with a very short drill bit sticking out the end about 1/4" I had to shorten the drill bit to accomplish this, but this set up works very slick. On the right side with the fuel line is the white plastic pitot tube. You don't want to drill into this. Take a putty knife that is about 1.5" wide and slide it in between the fuselage and both hoses to protect then from any drill damage as it comes through. Slide the putty knife in from the sight tube hole. It is really easy. Drill your 3/4" hole to access the clamp on the rubber hose. Sometimes you can use a screwdriver to slide the hose off or take a Dremel tool with a partly used and reduced radius cut off blade and put it in the hole to cut the Oetiker clamp off. Works like it was made for it. Then on the new rubber fuel hose use a fuel injection fuel hose clamp, but take out the slotted screwdriver screw and replace it with an Allen head screw. See the pictures. When your done cover the drilled hole with a piece of the 1" wide white Bolus tape. Same as the tape on the wing root. Now any time anyone wants access to this hose or clamp it will take a few uncomplicated minutes.


GRRRR this works slick.



I have found that many don't push the hose back up all the way onto the fuel fitting once the wings are back on and this cause a kink or a reduced radius hose. Put your finger inside and make sure the hose has a nice sweep to it and it isn't kinked. I have found factory hose with bad reduced radius.

Clear Fuel sight tube.jpg

Fuel hose clamp.jpg

Fuselage fuel hole.jpg

fuselage hole tools.jpg

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