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Yet another iPad mount


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I mentioned this mounting system in another thread and had requests for photos. The mounting product is from SeaSucker. These are very large rubber cups with pump-action pistons on the side, very popular in boating, but I don't think they've been used much in aviation. This airplane has the analog panel so it had (just enough) room for the cup to stick between the breakers and the engine instruments. The pistons show when the vacuum is leaking out. You give them another couple of pumps when you see an orange indicator. The kit with two cups and the flex arm is about $100 direct from SeaSucker. They aren't sold at many dealers though you might be able to find them at a boating shop.




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That thing is beefy, including the suckers! Looks solid.



They are mostly. You need to be careful that the cups when they are pumped up don't spread over the edges of any of the instruments or the edge of the panel, or the vacuum leaks out quickly. Once it's on, it sticks really well, and you can add a pump or two when the orange indicator shows on the pistons. The SeaSuckers work fine on the naked back of the iPad, but I added a clear plastic shell to mine. I also bought the travel case with my set of SeaSuckers for about $10 extra. Worth it. The three pieces break down and store compactly in a flight bag.


Sticks well to the door windows too, but this install is much better.

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