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Euro Trip in your new CT!

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Take a Dream European Flying Vacation in Your New CTLSi



Auyuittuq nationalpark Germany

Leinfelden-Echterdingen, GERMANY / 17 September 2012 — Have you often dreamed of flying your own aircraft over distant and exotic lands…to far away destinations with views along your flight of world famous landmarks only possible from the cockpit? Now is your chance to join the renowned family of Flight Design pilots whose adventures and accomplishments include circumnavigating the globe three times in ultra-reliable and super-capable Flight Design CT aircraft.


Under Flight Design’s newly announced “European Adventure” delivery program, simply purchase a new Flight Design CTLSi and elect to take delivery at Flight Design’s European Delivery Center in Germany. 


Once on location, plan your trip to your favorite European destinations with expert guidance and preflight briefings from Flight Design’s carefully selected, experienced and multi-lingual tour guide pilots who will seamlessly handle the local details, enabling you to quickly become comfortable in your new environment and able focus on the fun of flying your own aircraft around the historic and breathtaking landscapes of Europe!


Following your spectacular European flying tour, Flight Design will arrange to carefully ship your aircraft back to the U.S……or…..for those well qualified and possessing an extra-measure of adventurous spirit, Flight Design will enlist the support of previous CT global flyers and experienced aviators to assist you in planning and executing your own flight home across the Atlantic !



Greenland Landing

 ……..and maybe an Atlantic Ocean Crossing as an Option?


“We believe we’ve created a new and incredibly exciting way of delivering added value to our customers,” stated Flight Design USA President Tom Peghiny. “Our airplanes and after-sale service are number one in the industry and now we can go even further and treat our newest owners to a unique and special level of service in another part of the world.” Peghiny recommends those interested to move quickly to get their new CTLSi on order and reserve their space in one of the European tours, which will begin in the Spring, 2013. Further details of Flight Design’s “European Adventure” delivery program will be announced in the



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Currently, the Sport Pilot Certificate does not have reciprocal privileges in most of the world. Other than the Bahamas, I'm not sure there is anywhere else. This means you'd need to be at least a Private Pilot and you'd of course need to have a valid medical. (unless something has changed recently).

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