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CTsw in the heat


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Most posts come as the result of a question or a problem. Here's one about "No Problem".

FYI... about this time of year (summer), you might wonder how the CT holds up in the heat? Apparently pretty well.

My 2006 has lived almost its entire life in Phoenix, mostly in a hangar. While it may be protected from the UVs, the metal hangars may actually increase the temperature a few degrees. On this particular day (picture) the recorded temp at the airport was 109. You can see the inside hangar temp shows 114.7. Day after day after weeks!




So how does the CT handle the heat? Great. To this point, I've seen no problems associated with the intense heat. No buckling, oozing, or delaminating. Sure, a long hard climb will get the oil temp up into the yellow, but otherwise the CT seems to take to heat like a Labrador takes to water. We've got several CTs down here in the Southwest, and I haven't heard of any other problems either.


From a Rotax standpoint, I know that there has been some stuff written about MoGas being susceptible to vapor locks, especially in the heat. All I can say is that I have not had any problems myself, or heard of any problems. Roger Lee has reported a couple of instances of the Dynon giving low fuel pressure alarms, especially after an already hot engine was allowed to cook on the tarmac and then flown within a half hour. It's thought that the the extra intense heat may create some vapor ahead of the carb, resulting in lower pressure. The Rotax has a re-circulating system for the fuel, so the un-used fuel is recirculated back into the system, helping to keep it cool.



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