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A better way for my oil hose route

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Hi All,


Back in 2007 or 2008 (I can't remember) FD had many check the oil hose that comes off the bottom of the engine and "S" turned up behind the engine and into the oil tank to see if there was any reduced radius issues with your plane which was causing some higher oil temps. Yes there have been a few and this made working with this hose difficult because of its routing, but THERE IS A BETTER WAY!


You can do this as a stand alone change or during your 5 year hose change. It's fairly easy to do.

First rotate the oil tank counterclockwise about 30 degrees. It doesn't have to be exact. Drop the muffler so you can get at the large banjo bolt on the bottom of the engine. Before you drop the muffler loosen the two exhaust stud nuts on the two front exhaust pipes coming out of the head so those two pipes can swivel in their sockets. This will make the removal and especially re-alignment of the muffler easier when you put it back on. This oil line is the return to the tank from the engine. It will be facing back towards the firewall. Loosen it and face it out straight to the left side of the engine at 90 degrees. (see picture) Don't forget to re-safety wire it.

The oil line going from the tank to the top of the oil cooler will need to be a little longer and a new piece of fire sleeve to cover the extra length. This hose really doesn't change its route it's just longer. (see picture)


Before you put the muffler back on apply some copper anti-seize to the female joints for lube to keep the metal to metal chaffing down so it won't wear a hole through the metal surfaces.


If you drain the oil from both of these lines don't forget to do an oil purge.

Oil hose retrun line Rerouted.jpg

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Hi Chris,


Sorry, I don't have any more pics of this right now.

In truth it won't make any difference how the hose is routed or even how long it is. Your just trying to make sure there are no kinks or a bend so tight that the hose has a reduced radius.

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