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Air Filter and Oil Filter/Gasket for CTSW

Bobby CAU

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dear fellow in CT Flier,


any one please advise me where i could get the air filter (brand mann filter made in germany) and also oil filter for rotax 912.

im attaching the photo of two spare parts i need here.

i tried to check in aircraft spruce but cant find it.



Bobby CAU



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Hi Bobby,

Here is the K&N air filter. It is a lifetime filter for you. It is the replacement for the less than desirable and hard to get Mann air filter. The K&N 33-2092 can be washed and re-used over and over and the cost is the same as the Mann. You can get this right from the K&N mfg for about $33. Toss the Mann and get a K&N 33-2092. Most of us have already switched and FD uses only K&N's in the CTLS.





Here is the link to California Power Systems. The US west coast Rotax parts and engine distributor.

This is the link for the oil filter.




I would not use their oil and you can buy spark plugs cheaper on line. (NGK DCPR8E)

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