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Really Exemplary Lightspeed Customer Service...


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...US Post Office, not so much.


You guys may remember I finally decided on a pair of Lightspeed Sierras, trading in one of my 15XL’s for a $250 credit.


Pulled the trigger on 9/18. Sent my old headset off via USPS the next day, insured for $250 with an expected delivery date of 9/21.


By 10/1 I was wondering where my new headsets were, and I called Lightspeed. Lo and behold, they had never received my old headsets.


Call to my local post office revealed they had in fact been delivered around noon on 9/21 and signed for - but to a completely different address! Turns out the address they delivered it to was a company nearby Lightspeed in Lake Oswego, PowerMac. The lady at the Post Office said that insurance just guarantees the package will be delivered and signed for, but not necessarily to the correct address! :wacko:


Calls to the postmaster in Lake Oswego and to PowerMac failed to turn up the headsets, and the postmaster said the next step was to file for the insurance.


I still needed the headsets for our upcoming trip to Page, AZ, so I got out my credit card and called Lightspeed. My plan was to just pay the extra $250 and then deal with Post Office later about the insurance.


Long story short, Jan at Lightspeed said she’d deal with the Post Office and call PowerMax, but to just go ahead and email her a copy of my Post Office receipt and she would consider my 15XL’s “delivered” and get my Sierra’s out the next day (shipped today).


Anyway, this was above and beyond anything I expected and really exemplifies quality customer service.


As a bonus, I suppose I should still pursue the insurance claim with the Post Office, and maybe even come out ahead for all this aggravation!


If anyone remembers my two “eBay Fiascos”, this is not the first time recently I’ve had issues with things sent US Mail not being delivered. Less convenient, but probably UPS or FedEx going forward for us.

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