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Aera 795 Mounted

Bobby CAU

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I am still concerned that in the video it shows the fuel off/on in the midway position. If it will not go all the way up, then you need to check your linkage. Also I notice that you have the strobe flap indicator...ie, blinking, blinking. This does not seem to bother the Pilot or right seat in the you tube video.Would they pay attention if the two round red ones were to come on?


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hi there,

for the fuel switch, many video i saw always do that way.

i have no idea why they did that way, for me always way up.


flap indicator blinking is due to video recorder only.

when i do the record, normally also blinking too.


When looking at a picture or video the handle is over the middle of the placard when the valve is all the way up. When closed the handle is over the ignition switch, and the placard is placed above the switch. Tom

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