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Flap digitalmindicator


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I would pull that panel out and then check all the wire plugs on the back side. Even if they look plugged in, push and twist each one to make sure they have a good connection. This is the problem many times. Do they work in the manual position? After you have done this then check the flap switch to see if they are working. If not check the wires in the back luggage compartment that attach to the flap mechanism to make sure someone or a piece of luggage did not accidentally pull one apart.

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Dear All!

I wish to thank you for your inputs.

At the end of the day, a contact was the reason...

The connector on the printed circuit was soldered in a bad way, maybe with a "cold" solder and it didn't make contact.

Now I'm waiting a new part from Flight Design.

One month ago I found out that the wire to GNS 430 was not soldered in the connector.

Maybe Flight Design has to look for more quality.


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