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Another iPhone/iPad app

NC Bill

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Don't recall where I heard about CLOUDAHOY. If it was on CTFLIER apologies for being redundant.


In brief you login before departure and logout when landed (apparently it has an auto logout because I forgot). It tracks the flight both on a map and in word form. Great training aid I imagine. Also neat to replay special flights. I just logged my first and was amazed :)

Oh, and it FREE :D


On my iPad it's amazing.

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I've used it a few times and its amazing.


The "out the window" playback mode can be a bit wonky, especially if you fly at relatively low altitude, and runways can look especially wavy, at least here in the mountains. It's weird watching the plane fly through the terrain!


And, unless they've updated it you can't watch the playback on iPad or iPhone - you have to go to their website on a real computer's browser.


Still, a great app. And well worth the price! :)

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Just been on there website and its only available in USA




Here's a link to a flight of mine...see if it works.




If it does try "Cockpit View" and maybe speed it up a bit.


Requires the latest Google Earth app and plugin.

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