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How do I change the PTT switch on my stick

Roger Lee

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If people say they can't hear you maybe it's not really the switch! <_<


Ok, so your PTT switch on top of the stick seems intermittent. These have cycle lives. The original on ours is 10K-15K cycle life. When it starts to wear out it may become intermittent. For about $10 you can replace it with a switch that has a cycle life of 25K cycles.


To change it out you will need to remove the leather grip cover. This is easy. Under the bottom edge of the leather grip it is just tucked under. Use a small screwdriver and pull out the edges. Then just roll up the leather cover over the top of the grip. The switch has two wires soldered. First set your new switch in the hole in the handle and make sure it fits. If it is slightly too big , no problem, just open it up slightly with a Dremel tool. Once you know it fits then remove the old switch and re-solder the new on in place. Make sure you placed the switch through the top of the leather first and put the locking nut on. Then just slide the leather cover back down in place. Take your small screwdriver and tuck the bottom edges back up into the bottom of the handle. Your done.


Hope this helps the people that say no one ever listens to me!:rolleyes:

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Hi Tony,


Mine had screws, but the wire was soldered to the connector the screw went through. The new switch wasn't the same connection so I clipped them off and just soldered them on.




You and Rose need to get a Pistachio sitter so you can come to the Page Fly-In. We always miss you guys.

Say Hi to Rose for me.

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Mine started to get flakey too. Roger sent me a link from aircraft spruce, but i couldn't confirm the diameter. I found the original european switch from RAFI. They were only about 8.50 each, with 20 dollar shipping. The Euro distrib wont have them here for a few weeks. As mentioned, the R/R is a piece of cake.

I'll edit this post with links, when i find them.


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Here you go, life 25K cycles. Model P1. Get the threaded bezel. Then it can be secured to the leather grip. In the 2011-2012 Aircraft spruce book page 516. Very easy to install. The grip is tucked under on the bottom edge. Pull it out and slide the leather grip off. Remove the old switch and put the new switch in place. Slide the leather grip back in place and tuck the bottom edges back up under the handle.



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On my 2006 CTsw, this is how it went...

Got replacement RAFI switch, which came before the Aircraft Spruce switch (screw-up caused delay... I eventually cancelled that order)


Opened the leather boot at the bottom of the stick (velcro), so it's possible to see the wires coming out of the bottom of the stick.

Pulled out old switch... just a press-fit... pull carefully, as you want to make sure there is enough play in the wires to let the switch come out the top.



Switch is out... anchored wires with hemostat, so they don't fall back into hole...



Loosended the two screws and pulled the old switch off...





New switch in place, screws tightened, ready to go back into the hole... 5 minute job.



Note: The old RAFI switch had the thing that separates the two connectors, trimmed to a point (note pics 2&3). The new, replacement, switch did not have it trimmed. This MAY account for why Wayne's new switch did not fit into the whole. My replacement fit OK.


I also ordered the switch from Digi-Key (Chanik's link). It came in a day after The job was done.... but it looks just like my replacement switch, but is about 1 inch shorter.


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