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CT Cover needs a "good" home - SOLD

NC Bill

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Seeing the BRUCE'S AIRCRAFT COVER door prize mentioned at Page reminds me I have a cover sitting in the hangar I've never used.


My plane sits in a locked hangar and seldom ventures outside overnight. It really needs a home where it will get better use. Maybe even daily use.


I don't know the manufacturer as the cover came with the plane. However Bruce sells one for $650 without logo. Aviation Covers sells for more than $700. Say $500 including shipping to a "good" home.


PM me or email direct n201sx@gmail.com


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Might be that I should have tightened it down instead of throwing it on for a photo. :unsure:


I also bought an Aviation (Cunningham) cover for my CTLS, but sold it to keep this cover when the plane's original owner found this one in his garage and kindly sent it to me as a surprise several months later. I think I was taken with the logo. :lol:


This one is thicker than the Aviation (Cunningham) cover with a thin lining akin to the inside of a sweatshirt. The buckles and zippers are much better. IIRC the Aviation had no zippers. The cover folds and stores in the baggage area but takes more space than the Aviation. To me it's a perfect cover for outside aircraft storage or under a shade hangar, but certainly useable as a travel cover.


In full disclosure I come to remember that I did use this cover for a week at SRQ last Winter. Let's lower the price to $375 including shipping in the lower 48. And of course I'll take it back if it's not what you expect.

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Please take no umbrage, as none was intended.


I was reacting to the photo, and remembering from my sailplane days that a loose cover on a dusty windy day isn't the best of things to protect our canopies....


The ability to snug it up is a must, and my experience with Aviation Covers (although it took a long time to deliver) has been complete satisfaction. Complete set of Canopy, Wing, Stabilizer, and Rudder covers. I have had to store my CT outside for some extended times, and have been grateful for the protection.

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