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My New Wing Mount


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Well, after testing various combinations of cameras and mounts, I felt it was time to mount the GoPro under the wing, using something other than the suction mount. I'm confident the suction mount will hold well, but haven't been real happy with the vibrations. The suction mount extends the camera a few inches away from the sucker, which can't help but introduce at least some movement.

So, I wanted something that was solid, flexible, cheap, easy to get on/off. Mounting more than one camera would be nice, too.

Here's what I came up with:


It's simply a 6"x6" piece of aluminum sheeting (.090), with a hole in the center, and a slight bend to conform to the bottom of the wing. $10. The tie-down bolt holds the plate very securely, and the side facing the wing has moleskin on it to protect the surface of the wing.

The mount is larger than needed, but the size provides space to keep the camera away from the tie-down bolt (so it won't interfere). Plus, you can mount more than one camera (I'll be setting up 3 mounts, front, plane, back)

At this point, I'm using the GoPro adhesive mounts (for flat surfaces). It uses 3M VHB adhesive material that is rated for over 200mph. 2 or 3 come with the camera. VHB is promoted as an alternative for welding, rivets, or screws in the industrial world. Permanent. Just to make sure, I put some JB Weld around the edges of the plastic mount.

A side benefit of the 6X6 space... if you wanted to, it would accommodate a safety wire for the camera. With a short safety wire, if the camera came off and begin to flail about, it would hit the metal plate and not your wing.

With the ability to rotate the mount a bit, and adjust the angle with the GoPro, you should be able to get just the right angle. Snapping the camera in place just takes a second. There will probably no need to remove the plate, but it comes off quickly by unscrewing the tie-down bolt.

I'll post some videos when I get some time.

ps. GoPro will need to be operated in the "up-side-down" mode.

PSS. Good info you using adhesive mounts... Adhesive mount info

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I think some of the 'wiggle' is due to the longitudinal lever arm, regardless of how solid the connection is. Further out from the fuselage, the greater that wiggle amplification. My experiments suggest that the suction cup mount actually reduces that effect. go figure. so far, all weather, all humidity all temperatures, no problem.


Youtube now has some editting features that stabilize the image. |the wiggle then applies to the fuselage in the picture frame, but the landscape appears smooth.




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could you not just use the adhesive mount on the bottom of the wing without the aluminum plating?


Yup, but I've got a yellow spot on my wing from another "removable" adhesive, that I've never been able to remove. Plus the plate allows you to rotate a bit. If you do the direct adhesive, you better pick your angle well.


Early testing showed a very stable image... none of the wiggle that drives me crazy... but my battery run out half-way through my first test.


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