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The Hudson River Corridor

NC Bill

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What a difference a week makes. Almost exactly a week ago to the hour I recorded this view of the New York area; and now they're bracing for Hurricane Sandy.


Sorry about the bounce in the video. It was extremely choppy that day at 1000'.


I had 2 GoPros. One inside and one hung under the right wing with suction cup. 1080p/30 at medium field of view.


Unfortunately only inflight did I realize that the (borrowed) GoPro 1 doesn't have a recording jack like my 2 which was hung outside. So no cockpit audio - sorry.


Much appreciate any suggestions or comments.


Coming back from BOS I crossed Long Island with vectors over JFK. Unfortunately a cloudy overcast day. Once I get a look at that video I'll upload another, hopefully with improvements based on suggestions.


Here's the link:

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Tip for video bounce.


Once your video is loaded on youtube, sign in to your account, go to video manager, hit the enhancements icon, and then the stabilize icon. it works great

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