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Outdoor Parking for CT

Bobby CAU

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The cover, while useful, just keeps moisture, UVs, and prying eyes out of the interior. In the States, we've seen a very few CTs that have had underlying foam deformation on aircraft that have been obviously parked outside. You might also see some corrosion of metal parts, and the obvious danger of UV damage to the paint/composite/interior. It's important that the CT doesn't collect moisture, and has all drains working. The pH (acidity) is important... neutral is best. If acidic moisture gets into the foam, it can cause a collapse of the foam structure. While cleaning products are the biggest culprit, "acid rain" has been know to cause problems. This is likely to be the case with the opposite, too (alkalin). If you can't hangar your aircraft, at least a covered tie-down will help. Otherwise, the cover that covers the most will be the best. In your area, with a lot of moisture/humidity(?), it would be good to let the plane "air out" without the cover occasionally, and fly it a lot! Maybe custom wing covers, made from a light, airy, UV resistant, material would help


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