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CTLSi Fuel Selector Valve


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:blink: That's why the title of this thread is "CTLSi Fuel Selector Valve" :blink:. There's going to be questions on why they put it into the "si" and not the other models. And why you would use one setting over the others. Etc.

Of course, the new model is just beginning to be delivered, so we won't be seeing many anytime soon.


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I have ordered a CTLSI that should come to Hawaii yet this year. I was able to look at two new ones just before I attended the Page event. They were being preped for deliverly at KVGT. The header tank is just behind the BRS on the left side of the aircraft centerline It has a sight tube build into the left side that can be viewed from the left baggage door. IT APPEARS THAT TUBE IS AT RISK FROM BAGGAGE IF ONE IS NOT REAL CAREFUL. There is at least two sensors to determine the fuel level of the tank, built into the tank. There is a couple of the large red warning lights on the upper right side of the panel for fuel level warning of the header tank. There are also a line one and line two, large warning lights in the samne panel location. Five large red warning light in total. I am guessing, but it appears that if the pilot selects right or left and runs the header tank low, you will know. It looks like you can select both as well.


Beyond the exhaust stack, the 796, the electrical system and the fuel system, I found only a few other changes from the 2011 CTLS N413F that I flew at Page these past two years. Oh yes, and the PRICE.


Looking forward to the POH for further study.


Farmer Larry

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