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Delivery time on new Ctls


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I've put a deposit on my new Ctls in mid June had to pay the remainer early September and yesterday that tell me that there been some production delays and delivery will be 6 to 8 weeks later

What is the time frame between order and delivery in the USA at the moment

I'm from Australia

Thanks for any response

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Just a update on my delivery status. Still waiting and getting very frustrated . Latest forecasted delivery date is now mid December 2013

The hardest thing is following this forum seeing delivery of a jubilee CTLSI knowing that they came available some 4 months after my order.

Not sure if it's gone happen ,I fully paid for it September 2012 for a December 2012 delivery.


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Karl, the last I was involved with the order of a new plane was back in '09 for my friend's CTLS. It was promised in 3 months but took 9. This was during a period of high demand for the CT but also production facilities were being expanded. A main factor at this time also here in the states was that the CT's were shipped three to a ocean transport container. If there wasn't 3 CT's available to ship, they would wait. I think this still holds true. Most recently, I've heard, and others here might know better, that FD Germany has shifted major resources into the C4 program to hasten bringing this airplane to market. Nothing worse than plunking down your money in good faith and then sitting on your hands waiting. Hope you get your Christmas present this year!

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Do you have the delivery date or date range in writing in the sales contract? If so you might be able to squeeze a discount or some freebie upgrades out of them, or cancel the order and get your money back if that is your preference. Nothing irks me more than being given a timeline for a product or service and having that date being wildly wrong.


This might be a good warning to others. If the slick airplane sales guy promises you a delivery date, get it in writing and the penalties for non-compliance as well. I bet they would have been on time if the contract specified they have to return $1000 of your purchase price for each month they are late...

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As I can see, I'm not the only one who had this kind of delay... without explanations...


I waited for 18 months (and we don't have the shipping problem between Germany and Belgium...)

I hope you'll forget all this wasted time once you'll be in the air...

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I am a french pilot and the owner of a 2009 CTLS (500 h today).

In december 2012, I ordered a new CTLSi Jubilee  and paid a deposit .

In april 2013, I paid totally the price  and I waited for 18 months .

Hopfully, I hope my plane at the end of June.

I flew to Kamenz the last month and now I think the delay will be more short.

Twelve planes were almost ready (many Jubille for US).


My question, due to the delay, can I expect a discount?

What is the custom in US?

Sorry , my English is poor.

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You pay the amount and in the manner the manufacturer says you pay or you don't get the product.  As a customer you always have the choice to not play.  But these toys are worth the wait. 



Does FD require payment in full on new aircraft before they are delivered?  I'd be happy to pay up to half up front and half on delivery day.  I would not pay entirely up front on a $150k+ vehicle sight unseen.  If I don't get to play as a result, so be it.  I'll buy one in stock I can look at first or buy used.  No car dealer would require those terms, why should aircraft manufacturers?

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You may be able to find a new plane someone ordered and they will sell to you for their $30k deposit in order to beat the delay a bit. 


How we got ours was we were told about a plane a dealer ordered in May of 2013.  In Aug of 2013 we wrote a check for $30k on a plane still being manufactured.  We waited until August of 2014 when the plane finally arrived at Lone Mountain and was assembled and test flown.  We wrote a check for the balance at that time.  And took delivery of the plane.



That all makes sense if you wrote the check as you took delivery, that is what I would expect and demand if it were my money!  :)


Congrats on the C4, I know a lot of people on here look forward to getting more information about it when you take delivery.

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