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adjustable radiator cover


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Since i live in Iowa, it gets cold..very cold.


I saw a CT with a radiator cover that was tie - wrapped on. It was a sliding cover with holes in it and had what looked like a choke cable that went into the cabin just above the rudder pedals.


The idea was, you could close off the flow of air over the radiator and keep the whole system warmer.



HAs anyone seen anything like that or do they make a product like that?



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That guy who was going to sell them was on the old forum years back, but nothing ever really came of them. he may have sold 1-2, but he just kind of disappeared. There was a picture of them once upon a time too. It may have been good to leave on during a cold winter, but there was still too much metal in the way during the warmer months to leave it on.

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My Sky Arrow has an adjustable baffle for the oil radiator.


It tries to keep things a bit warmer by blocking the back of the oil cooler, restricting the flow through it.


It's a simple pivoting metal plate.










Sorry for the quality of the photos, snapped yesterday, but it might suggest an easy solution.


BTW, the control for it is the lever on the right, marked "MIN" and "MAX":



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