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Anybody have a GoPro 3 Pirep?

NC Bill

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Can't say as I have one. But I did see and hold the camera at Best Buy this week.


What I did notice was that the size reduction was accomplished by reducing the depth of the camera. The length and width don't seem to have changed. Seems they added wi-fi inside the old housing without need for the bac pac.


Also the Hero3 uses micro-SD cards.


In short I didn't see any reason to move to the 3 for my purpose - hanging one off the wing or inside the cockpit for videos.


Based on that I doubled down and bought a second GoPro2 with Wi-Fi from COSTCO for $200 before the inventory of 2's is sold out. :)


Let me know if COSTCO doesn't have them in your area. I learned they're not on the website.

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