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Fuel pressure


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I got a problem with the fuel pressure.

The pressure on Dynon is 0.35 bar in flight.

When I reduced the rpm for landing the pressure increase on yellow or even red zone, at 0.42 bar.

I changed the sensor and the pump but the problem remained.

I suppose the problem is in other system.

Could somebody help me?

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This sounds a lot like a poor ground. This is exactly how it behaves. There are five grounds to tighten. Four on the engine firewall and 1-2 inside on the instrument firewall side behind the passenger panel. These may feel hand tight, but I'm sure you are going to find some that are wrench loose. Tighten them tight. I had one case where I had to run a new ground from the inside grand attachment point on the firewall to the Dynon and that took care of the issue. Evidently this guy had a ground, buy it was a poor one.

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