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Aileron Trim Indicator


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During the annual condition inspection and while removing the center console tops for inspection, the bolts holding the aileron trim indicator were inadvertantly removed and the trim indicator mechanism fell into the console space. After several tries, the indicator was re-installed . This had to be done totally by feel. There is no visability of the mechanism. As a result, we're not sure the installation of the indicator cable was the same as original. However, when the trim wheel is turned, the cable and indicator do move.


In inspecting the the aeleron control and trim linkage in the baggage compartment, one of the aileron tensioning springs was slack, the other had some tension. Aileron pressure on this plane has always felt a slightly off, and I'm not sure if the slack spring was the result of the trim indicator falling off, or maybe it was this way when the plane was purchased last year.


What is the process of adjusting the aileron springs and positioning the trim tab screw drive to the proper position? During last year's inspection, the loose spring was not noted. It could have been loose and not detected. BTW, the CTSW Parts Assembly Manual does not show any diagram for the trim control indicator mechanism.


Roger Kuhn


2006 CTSW

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