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As owners of a Flight Design aircraft we have been communicating with you regarding Marketing related information on New Flight Design aircraft in terms of features like better warranty terms, sending you airshow invitations, relaying new engine configurations, CTLSi, C4 and legacy aircraft support all while we have continued to lead the LSA industry in overall Unit Sales. We continue to have a strong user group and large service network. I have tried to keep you up to date on new planes and entice you into an upgrade to take advantage of newer technology.


While our retail prices on new planes have been the same for the past two years, due to a variety of factors many of our supply partners have advised they will be increasing their pricing to Flight Design. To continue to provide Class leading Products and Services, Flight Design has little choice but to pass these cost increases with higher retail pricing for future aircraft production. Most notably, one of our key suppliers has advised us that we will see a steep increase beginning January 1, 2013. While the final figures are not all in, we feel most likely Flight Design will be forced to raise our prices by 2.5-4% for 2013 just to cover increases from our suppliers.

In 2013 we will also be Celebrating our 25 years in the Aviation business and most recently announced that with a special edition 'Jubilee' aircraft. thumbs_ctls-in-silver-black.jpg

Flight Design is now offering you the opportunity to beat this price increase on all new orders that are received by December 31, 2012. With deliveries beginning in Feb/March, 2013 with 2013 serial numbers and with new 2013 standard and optional equipment as shown below but priced lower NOW.

New 2013 Standard and Optional Equipment:

Dynon SV-ADSB-470 - Optional with SkyView. Includes additional transponder antenna. Real time Traffic display

Whelen 71733 LED Position Light Combination (TSO’d).

If you are considering a New Aircraft in 2013, aircraft ordered under the 'Jubilee' program get a double benefit- no 2013 price increase with some special option pricing on those 25 airplanes.

I urge you send in your deposit on a new CTLSi 25th Anniversary Jubilee aircraft before Dec 31st, which will allow you to take advantage of the special pricing and avoid the 2013 price increase. The expected price increase in 2013 will be between $4,125 and $8,250. So you could expect a good saving if you act soon.

Call you Dealer, Distributor or one of us to discuss your configuration.

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