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Flap/Aileron Bolts


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I've had a couple of instances of the problem Roger Lee mentioned in another post, where the bearing(?) gets loose and allows the aileron/flap to slide side-to-side. In fact, we fixed them during the last 100-hour check. It's important that you check for this condition as, in the most extreme cases, it could allow your flap or aileron to move enough that it could hang-up on other structure parts.

Now, after about 90 hours, the odd bolt/nut that acts as the pivot point for the aileron has moved to the point that it could interfere with the action of the flaps. I'm talking about the bolt/nut that has a very large, thin head. Here's what it looks like normally:




So here's the "bad bolt".... it's not quite touching the flap arm... about the thickness of paper apart....



another view:






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