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TCAS antenna for Aera 795

Bobby CAU

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When flying with a Garmin 795 / 796 you have four primary options for traffic in the USA. I'm not completely sure what is available in Indonesia but I'm sure that if you do a little research the answers would be easy to find.


Option 1 (portable solution)


The Xaon XRX http://www.zaon.aero...ent/view/12/40/


This device is a PCAS "Portable Collision Avoidance System". I have owned 2 of these and have flown with them and displayed them on a Garmin GPS (works on many Garmin portables including yours). First of all you should know that the XRX works using its own display screen as a stand alone unit. There is a very nice write up in both the Xaon and the Garmin manuals (viewable online) that tells you how to make the connection so that XRX displays on your Garmin GPS.


Pros of the XRX: Self contained unit, it actually picks up the transponder signal of nearby aircraft and works anywhere.

Cons of the XRX: Will not pick up aircraft without a transponder. It will on occassion detect your own aircraft and give you the impression a plane just "appeared" right on top of you! (and scare you a bit until you get used to it).


Option 2 (a permanent installation)


Garmin GTX 330 Mode S Transponder with TIS http://www.aircrafts...rmin_gtx330.php


I am assuming you are flying a Flight Design CTSW or CTLS that does not have Dynon Skyview? I am also assuming you have a Garmin GTX 327 transponder or similar? If this is the case than you could upgrade your transponder (offsetting the cost by selling your old) to a Garmin GTX 330 or any other Mode S with TIS (Traffic Information Service). This will also interface easily by using the same Garmin "bare wire" accessory for the 795 / 796 and display traffic on the GPS screen


Pros of the Mode S TIS Transponder: Gives a very nice picture of traffic in the area. Rarely gives a false positive.

Cons of TIS: The TIS signal is received from ground based radar / air traffic control systems. Here in the USA most metropolitan areas have TIS service feeds that you will pick up however there is very limited TIS coverage in remote areas outside the terminal service areas. TIS data is also a few seconds old so aircraft position and trend is mostly accurate but its not perfect. I'm not sure if Indonesia has TIS service available.


Option 3 (the new ADSB service)


Garmin makes a relatively inexpensive ADSB portable antenna, the GDL 39

https://buy.garmin.c...op.do?pID=93601 This antenna mounts on your cockpit dash and plugs into the Garmin 795 / 796 to give you ADSB weather and ADSB traffic.


Pros: No subscription required! Free weather!

Cons: Not all aircraft have ADSB traffic (yet) so your traffic picture is limited. Not all areas have ADSB service. Over the next decade this will be the best solution once the network is built and all aircraft are mandated to participate. For now its early in the curve so I see this solution as great for weather, marginal for traffic.


Option 4 (it has everything!)


Zaon just introduced a new add on box that allows the aircraft to pickup transponders, TIS feeds and ADSB. I have not seen this system in action so I'd have to defer to other forum members who may own this new option. Sounds promising!





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