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Third Annual Fly-In from Miami to Puerto Rico and Caribbean

CT Miami

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We are all set for our Third Annual Fly-In from Miami to Puerto Rico and Caribbean. Once again our base during the week will be Puerto Rico and then during the other days during the week we'll fly to other nearby islands. This year we will be visiting St. Martin (TFFG - French side of the island and British Anguilla (TQPF).


The route down to PR usually involves two easy comfortable stops in Exuma, Bahamas and Inagua, Bahamas or Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands.


Last year we had numerous airplanes join us ranging from CT's and Experimentals. This year once again we will have a pilot with an experimental joining us from Texas.


During the week we also meet with the Puerto Rico Sports Pilot Federation which usually has an event for the Fly-In pilots.


More info can also be found on AOPA and EAA Calendar of Events under Florida or Miami based departure airport (KTMB).


Anyone interested let me know.............



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