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Need help, CT2k owner could make some picture?


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I just discover this forum and I am we'll surprised :)

A little presentation, we are 3 owners of a CT2k in the south of France and we are looking for some CT's owner that may help us.

Our CT has been moved by road and the stabiliser weight balancer has been lost. I made some search and I cannot find any picture of that part. The only picture I usually found is from CTLS but it is not the same, the weight is inside the fuselage, but on our CT2K this weight seems to be under the fuselage, inside the under tail....

If any one owning a CT with under weight can share some picture with us we would be very happy


Of course we are in contact with Flight Design.... But 3 month later we still not have receive the part...


Many thanks to you and sorry my poor English





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Thanks for your reply

The picture you sent is the common system we found on CT but it seems that on our it is a different one, see the picture bellow of the bellow of the stabiliser, there is a big hole and not enough room in the fuselage for the arm, so our mechanics made a prototype but it was not strong enough and had a crick after few flight. And for safety reason we would want to have the original piece....



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In fact, i realise i didn't Say, but originally it was a CT180 from 1999 that has been transformed into ct2k in 2001

I don't have details on what has been changed, the wing for sure.

From what I know, the transformation has Been done by FD directly.

But also, on the CT180 picture I saw, the weight are outside the fuselage, there is 2, one on each side of the fuselage

Edit, see on that picture


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Just for thanking people that have read this post, a little update.

We finally received the part from FD, after 6 month, you can see the picture attached, the white is the final one, the other was a temporary solution we put to fly while waiting...

And a picture of the mount.






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