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CT stabilator gust lock

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Hi All,


Here is a simple stabilator gust lock you can make for your CTSW or LS. The parts come from your favorite location. Ace Aviation (aka Ace hardware).

Forget what the video says about sizes. The throttle piece is a piece of 1" pipe cut in half. The rod is 1/4" steel and the end at the peddles is a large fender washer. The swivel locking pice is a piece of 1/4" wide flat stock steel and a small spring. Weld everything together except the 1/4" flat stock and just pop rivet that in place. The large fender washer on the peddles just gets cut open to allow it to fit over the peddle. It's very easy to build.




Now you are all set for those windy days or when you are parked on the ramp.

(No LOA required ;) )

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