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Flydat trouble


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Hi there,


I have a 2005 CTSW with about 460 hours on it. The plane is outfitted with a Flydat instrument cluster, and for some time now, the status light has been showing green and then flashing red. Most recently, it shows flashing red all the time and one of the lights above the Flydat also flashes red. Not surprisingly, I'm concerned. When I turn on the Flydat without the engine running, the notice SERVICE! flashes across the screen. The temperature on the EGT/PLO jumps around quite a lot, and I have a hunch that one of the sensors, probably the one that controls the EGT, has malfunctioned.

If you think you might be able to help me with my mystery, I'd like to communicate with you, preferrably by phone. My name is Larry Clayton and my cell is 515-707-4690. Thanks in advance!

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