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Ah, the five year problem.  At the cost of a panel update I now have new hoses and quite frankly the old ones seemed fine. Unfortunately, when I picked up my airplane there were lots of problems that weren't there when I dropped it off. Everything looked good until I got airborne and the radio did not work ( SL-30) I got home and landed. On the trip home I got a "current low" light and the Lady with the German accent began "warning." A cannon plug had been left off and connecting fixed that problem. Next, there was a loud hum in the headset, if I unplugged the transmitter part of the head set, the him went away. Lastly, the engine/cockpit seems noisier than in past--but that likely is simply old age. The guys who did the work said bring it back and we will make it right, but as they are an hour (2+ by car) away it really is a pain.


So, as a "service" I thought I would you know that it is a big deal there is a lot to it. As with any maintenance it is necessary to be aware that things can go awry, be prepared.


See ya, Dr, Ken Nolde, N850KN an around 600 mostly great hours.

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