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Found "4 bad pull cable installs"

NC Bill

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Don't know how many you've inspected Roger, but the % of bad installs is alarming even if you've done the entire US fleet! In 8 years of reading the CIRRUS forums I've never heard of one improper installation on there side of the BRS cable, and they have over 4,000 flying and have been doing repacks for 3 years!


I, for one, want to inspect my BRS before next flight. However I'm not sure what to check ("red handle" or cannister) and what to look for from looking at the page you posted. Perhaps there are more pilots like me here who aren't that mechanically adept.


Appreciate more information to allow us to do a proper job.



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2 of these probably would have fired, they were hooked on the outside of the screw. One of these was up in CA. after a mechanic did the BRS bulletin. It wasn't hooked up at all. The way it was discovered was because a student accidentally pulled the chute on the ground and nothing happened.


You can check these as an owner in less than a minute and each owner should not rely on the fact that someone else has done it. Pop the plastic cap off the firing housing and look inside with a flashlight at the cable. You are now armed with the picture I posted so your maybe more ready than some mechanics and know what to look for.


This is like a lot of things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.



Hi Wayne,

That hurts my little feelings. :(;)

Roger didn't mis-install any chute, only found them.

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Just looked. Mine is hooked to the screw.


Roger - of those you are finding, where were they put together out of the shipping container? If these are all western states planes of the 2006/2007 variety, perhaps they came from the same dealer??


Also, where should the rocket be pointing? I'm not sure if mine would hit the break away panel or not. The chute is centered on the panel but the rocket looks like it would have to go through the top just to the side of the panel. I asked the dealer about that back in 2007 and they said that would not stop the rocket from doing its job. But, they also might be the same ones that hooked the cable to the screw.

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Hi John,


The ones with missing straps (3-4) were from FD Germany and I saw only one of those. (Mine)

I still believe the bad cable hookups were from mechanics after they left the dealers. I haven't seen any newer LS's that way so far. Only the SW's and I still bet the mechanic's were responsible during the two BRS SB's that needed to be done. Taking the chute in and out or removing the cable and re-installing it is quite easy and just takes a little attention to make sure you hook it back up the way you found it.

My rocket points just like yours and the others. I have seen this test fired years ago from a test stand and I believe like others it will do its job exiting the fuselage. This bracket and system was designed for FD.

I may re-aim my rocket towards the passenger seat for un-ruley passengers. <_<

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You need a mechanic to do the work. You aren't allowed to do the work as an owner. Get with a mechanic and see what you can work out as far as helping. :unsure:



This wasn't meant as a panic post just an FYI to take a look during your next pre-flight. Not a single person has had an in flight issue.

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