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CTLSi Fuel Management and AOI


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In the original CTLS during cross country, it was not uncommon to see one fuel tank become lower compared to the other. In order to compensate and even out the fuel levels, I was taught to put the CTLS into a slight slip to increase fuel usage from the fuller tank.


Is it possible that the new fuel selector on the CTLSi can be used to accomplish that same task without putting the plane into a slip by simply shifting to the left or right tank? I guess I just don't know enough about the new fuel selector valve which brings me to my next question ...


Is an electronic version of the AOI available for the new CTLSi ? If so, do you have the Internet link or a copy of the pdf?




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The LEFT-RIGHT-BOTH selector will allow for fuel balancing without displacing the ball. The numerous bells and whistles should prevent even the most dim witted of us from unintentionally running a tank dry.


I don't know where to find a manual if FD hasn;t posted one to there site yet.

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