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Coolant hose ooze

Safety Officer

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Just an FYI,


I has been noted that if your coolant hoses have been changed in a warm heated hangar and or the engine temp is in the neighborhood of 65F-70F and then is flown and stored in a hangar that reaches temps down around 10F and lower that you may get a slight ooze from under the screw clamps on the coolant hose. The clamps, rubber and aluminum tubing all shrink at different rates and just enough to allow an ooze of coolant and may appear on the floor. Just tighten the screw clamps on the coolant hose.


These should be checked and tightened at the next 100 hr or annual no matter what after a hose change. Things settle in and the rubber will crush down a bit.


If you live and fly in cold country it is possible to see a tablespoon or two of coolant on the floor. This can be from the ceramic water pump seal. This can be very normal. If you see a large puddle then that's not normal.

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