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Rules of Third

Bobby CAU

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The rule of thirds is for scuba diving, one third of your air is used on your progress away from the dive boat, one third is used to get back to the ascent line to the boat and the last third is used for safety stop at 15 ft to release nitrogen gas from your tissues and any emergency you might encounter. That emergency is usually "where the hell did the line go that takes us back up to the boat".

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Are you maybe referring to the add 1/3 of the wind speed to your approach speed? Usually Vapproach x 1.3?


hi Doug,

thanks for the feedback ... you are right !! definitely right !!.

last week end i looks at the online library ans mentioned about VS = STALL Speed = STALL Speed x 1.3 = approach ... am I right?.


please correct me about this Doug ok.


also mentioned; 1kt of winds = 0.3 kts of ASI ...


please help Doug or anybody experience about this ok.

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