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Gates Barricade Not Approved


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My local repair shop is now doing a 5 year rubber replacement on my friend's CTLS. Our A&P informed me yesterday that he was advised by FD USA that Gates Barricade hose is not approved. FD USA advised that only the OEM (original equipment) hose from FD Germany is to be installed. FD has a stock of this hose but our A&P needs to call back to order this. Is anyone aware of an official statement or list of "allowed" parts for the 5 year from FD? Many of us have already undergone the 5 year and have had the Gates fuel injector hose installed or Gates Barricade low pressure fuel hose installed. At the time of my rubber change I was advised by FD to use the CPS "kit" which included Gates 5/16" and 1/4" fuel injector hose. Personally, I have had zero concerns with the use of this hose. There needs to be a blanket LOA issued for the many who have followed this direction.

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