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Nose wheel Uneven Wear


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Hi Chris,


I like easy mysteries.

This is caused from the tire rubbing on the top of the fork where the nose strut tube penetrates through the weld on the bottom of the nose fork. This only happens on the 8 ply tires, but not everyone's. I have seen this on 3 CT's, but the rest were okay. If you let enough air out of the 8 ply so it doesn't touch then the tire will absolutely walk on the wheel and rip the stem out during taxi. FD kind of goofed and really didn't give hardly any clearance between the tire and fork on top. They really should have given a little extra space there. So when you put a nice tire with a little extra rubber it rubs. You have two options. One, change the tire back to a 4 or 6 ply or remove the wheel and see if you can grind down any protruding nose strut on the bottom of the fork. Whatever you do do not grid into the weld, only any protrusion past the weld. It will not impede the integrity of the fork if you do not get into the weld.

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