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Update on LSA rego in Oz

Duski Don

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G'day All,


Seems that all us LSA registered CTs in Oz are/were not exactly legal.


There is no standard for in flight adjustable props on LSA registered aircraft in Oz (OK on general aviation rego)


So I am now the proud owner of an Experimental (factory built and LAME maintained) aircraft.


I've had to put an E in front of my rego numbers and EXPERIMENTAL placards in the cockpit.


But at least I've still got my in flight adjustable.


Best regards,


Duski Don

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G'day Karl,


Can't answer your query authoritatively.


My aircraft has an in flight adjustable and I had to provide photos showing an E in front of my rego numbers and conspicuous "EXPERIMENTAL" stickers.


I now have a 'Special Certificate of Airworthiness' (issued by CASA) and my rego is now E24-7545.


Whether this applies to constant speed propellers, I don't know.


Best check with CASA, RAAus and/or the Oz distributor for Flight Design


Good luck mate,


Duski Don (Briggs)

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It may depend on what country you are in. I think you are correct however, if the E-LSA goes outside of the Light Sport definition (including the definition of "complex") it will fall under a different certification, or end up uncertified and therefore unairworthy. If I understand the rules down under, they can fly the air adjustable prop planes from europe under their rules - therefore it may be possible for them to a different prop setup than we can use.

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Sorry for the confusion Don and myself are located in Australia

We are allowed factory fitted variable pitch constant speed propeller

Our CT come with -12 flaps and we can also have a rotax 914 as an option

The constant speed propeller FD uses is a Neuform prop


I'm trying to find out if there has been any changes to the ruling on this seeing Don had to change his registration to experimental




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