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wanted spinner & backplate for 3 blade Warp Rive prop


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Hi John,


If you had a Neuform 3 blade it is the same spinner and back plate. The spinner just needs a little trimming around the blade holes to fit. They don't make a spinner just for a Warp. Use a Dremel tool with a sanding drum and just make the reliefs around the blade holes as needs.

Piece of cake or maybe pie in your neck of the woods.

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Thanks Roger , unfortunately I have the Neuform 2 blade so the cut outs are not suitable. I may refit the Neuform after my country trip , or even sell it

complete with spinner. I will not be able to resist trying it on the Jodel D11 with the 914, which is where I took the warp drive from.

I would appear that the extension I have on the Warp drive that located the little 'skull cap; spinner could be the support for the front of the spinner. It is much more robust than the CTsw part.


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