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One of the neat features of this forum software is "Chat". Besides just a place for us to randomly gather and exchange information, we plan on setting up special times and dates for special topics. Look on the calendar for special chat sessions on specific topics, or special guests - or just scheduled times for free-for-all chats!

Whenever you see a number on the chat tab, it means that there are people in the chat area, ready for a conversation.


For instance: A chat session with CFIs on flying tips and techniques, or chat sessions for planning a fly-in, or a session about light sport maintenance rules, or one specific to a new service bulletin. We're hoping for a chat session with the Swiss 'round the World pilots!!!


You get the idea, so if YOU have ideas for a chat session, or would like to lead a chat session, please PM one of the admins. This is YOUR community and we want your input!

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Hi Guys,


On another note don't forget to check your calendar. When you see something posted on a date, click on it because it will usually have additional information about the subject.



Roger, left a message for you in the chat room.

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