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LSA on Life Support... NOT...


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With a new Cessna 172 costing over $300,000, 182's pushing north of $450,000 and Cirrus SR22's costing up to an ungodly $750,000 plus, the future of non commercial general aviation is Light Sport. In Europe, with gasoline pushing $10 to $15 USD a gallon for more than 20 years now, a more economical solution was needed and many of these little planes started showing up to fill a lower operating cost niche. As fuel costs continue to rise in the USA, more and more people will be unable to afford a new airplane that costs too much, depreciates too fast and burns 12 gallons plus per hour. The LSA market solves the equation for balancing the cost of flight, joy of flight with an advanced technology aircraft. Technology is moving fast and in Light Sport we get to play with it sooner and cheaper! I'm excited about the future of our segment of aviation.

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